Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drowning in Peaches

After peach picking with the girls we had a whole lotta peaches...many of which had the skin coming off just from the ride home from the orchard...that's how ripe they were. We also picked the "doughnut" peaches but the real name is Saturn Peaches. They were still slightly under ripe but after a week now are unbelievable. So after debating how to preserve them decided just to peel each peach and cut into 8 pieces, place on a cookie sheet, cover with wax paper and freeze overnight. Next morning put in a freezer Ziploc to enjoy over the winter when you can't buy a juicy peach like this for any amount of money. I mostly use them for peach crisp or smoothies so frozen slices are perfect! The smell was incredible as I was cutting them...one piece for me...one for the tray...so looks like I may have to go back to the orchard soon to get a few more before they are all gone for the season!

So the peaches are sliced and on their way to the freezer overnight. I put wax paper over first...keeps them from getting freezer burn. Yum, yum...I can taste them already this winter!
Finished and ready for the freezer!

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